Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So close...

I think I'd be done with the cross stitching if I hadn't had to spend all of Saturday sawing a bed in half to get it up the stairs and then putting it back together ;P But I've definitely made progress. Both wings are done, and now I just have this little spray of stem to do before the cross stitching is finished.

The beads came in last night as well :-) If I bought everything the pattern called for, it would have cost me $64!!!! Sorry, no way I'm dropping that kind of money on just beads. So I'm going to pick and choose where the beads go, and try to use only half of what they call for.

Oh - and last night I got to frog everything I had done on my lunch break. I was HALF A SQUARE off. Ugh. I hate when I do stupid stuff like that ;P





1 comment:

  1. Hola Lisa,

    Esta quedando divino, esta muy bonito, a pesar de las cosas que te ha pasado....y realmente, el material de las labores son caras, y nosotras que no podemos dejar el vicio, a veces tenemos que pesquisar mucho antes de comprar lo primero que vemos....