Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another update

So I didn't get nearly as much stitching done as I wanted to yesterday. But that's okay. The border is really getting close to done. I just need to finish the bulk of the right side, and then add in all that gold metallic stuff. Eek. And then of course we've got the backstitching (*headdesk*), the satin stitching, the couching, and the beading (because I'm just refusing to do 12 french knots, okay?). But it's trucking along, and it's really pretty. Even though my camera phone screws up the colors. It's much richer than these pics. I promise to use my camera soon so that the colors actually come through.

On a happy happy note, tomorrow is go to my LNS day! I'm so glad that summer hours have started at work, so that I can get out at noon on Fridays. Definitely gives me time to get to the LNS and shop. I really need fabric, and they're cheaper than Silkweaver. I think the next project I'm going to start is Nora Corbett's "L". I ordered the floss and beads through 123Stitch yesterday, so those should be in soon.


  1. You're going to love Nora Corbett's L. I am about 2/3 of the way down. It's beautiful and easy to stitch. I am doing mine for my niece's birthday.

  2. I'm going to sound totally stupid now... what's LNS? Is this code I should know? But the roses are beautiful and I'm sure you'll fly through the "L"!

  3. Thanks for the comment on the Mirabilia blog. Letter L should be fun and easy. Much easier than the C!